Project Description

ISGB Portable type Pipeline Chemical Pump01

Sproull® ISGB Portable type Pipeline Pump is a single-stage single-suction vertical pipeline centrifugal pump,based on the ISG type, suitable hot water, high temperature, corrosive chemical pumps and oil pumps are dispatched according to the use temperature and medium. This series of products have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and reliable performance.

Working Condition:

Suction pressure≤1.0Mpa(Maximum working pressure≤1.6MPa)
The Ambient temperature <40℃,the Relative humidity <40%.
The volume content of solid particles in the conveyed medium does not exceed 0.1 per unit volume, and the particle size is less than 0.2mm.

Design features:

1.Vertical structure, easy to install and debug, unique design of motor and pump body using connection, high concentricity, high processing precision, greatly reduce the area, reduce the construction investment pump room 30%-60% . Firm footwork and compact construction.
2.The bearing uses the international famous brand precision bearing, the precision is high, the reliability is good, the service life is long.
3.Impeller with excellent self-balancing axial force hydraulic model, so that the pump bearing and mechanical seal service life is greatly extended.
4.Removable hard intermediate coupling, so that the pump starting without vibration, no noise, rotating parts with a reliable safety shield, safety is excellent.
5.The mechanical seal is made of stainless steel, tungsten carbide, fluorine rubber and other materials, high temperature, high pressure, long service life, no leakage, no wear on the shaft, to ensure a clean working environment.
6.The unique structure design of the pump cover, as long as the hard intermediate coupling, the pump cover nut, you can easily take out the bearing housing. Pump cover, pump shaft, impeller and other components, to replace the mechanical seal and Impeller, without the removal of motor, pump body and pipe, easy and quick maintenance.

Sproull® ISGB Portable type Pipeline Pump is used to transport liquids that do not contain solid particles, are corrosive, and have a viscosity in water. They are suitable for petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, paper, food and pharmaceutical and synthetic fiber sectors. The operating temperature is -20 ℃~120℃.

Structure Drawing of Type Sproull® ISGB Pump

1 Casing 5 Release valve 9 Bracket 13 Pump coupling
2 Drain plug 6 Bearing housing 10 Motor 14 Oil Cup
3 Impeller 7 Bearing 11 Motor coupling 15 Bearing cover
4 Mechanical seal 8 Pump shaft 12 Intermediate coupling 16 Casing cover

Sproull® ISGB Preformance Curve

lllustrations of Model Type
ISGB Single-stage single-suction pipeline chemical pump
125 Outlet Diameter(mm)
125 Impeller Diameter(mm)

Sproull® ISGB Preformance parameter list

Type speed
Motor power
solid particle
ISGB125-125 2900 96 22.6 80 15 4
160 20 80
192 17 80
ISG200-250 1450 140 21.8 73 18.5 3
200 20 79
260 17 77
ISGB250-400 1480 300 54.5 72 90 4.5
500 50 72
600 39 72
ISGB300-480 980 540 31 79 75 5
720 28 81
900 24 80
ISGB350-235 1480 600 14 80 37 4.5
800 12.5 83
960 10.5 82
ISGB400-315 1480 820 36.5 76 132 6
1080 32 76
1300 27 76
ISGB500-315 1480 1000 34.5 78 160 6
1200 32 78
1450 27 78
Only part of the product model demonstration
If the actual requirements of performance parameters and performance table does not match, can be based on user requirements for design and manufacture.

Sproull® ISGB Installation Drawing(Demonstration)

Type contour dimension(mm) under plate dimension flange
L H1 H2 D1 D2 n-Φ1 Φ a1 Φ a2 Φ a3
ISGB125-125 520 840 170 160 220 4-Φ18 250 210 125