Project Description


Sproull® QS Submersible Sewage Pump is a new type of pump which has been developed by combining the characteristics of submersible pumps at home and abroad. In the discharge of solid particles and long fiber waste, has a unique effect.
The pump adopts unique impeller structure and a new type of mechanical seal, which can effectively input and deliver solids and long fibers. Compared with the traditional impeller, the pump impeller adopts the form of single channel or double channel. It is similar to a curved pipe with the same section size. It has very good over-flow property and is matched with a reasonable volute chamber, the pump has the advantages of high efficiency, dynamic and static balance test of Impeller, and no vibration in operation.

Working Condition:

Rated voltage:380V, also can use 200-660V,3KV,6KV,10KV.
Frequency:50Hz or 60Hz three-phase AC power supply.
Medium temperature:≤40℃, Max. deep:≤20m, pH:4~10.
Medium density:≤1150Kg/m3.
Solid phase volume ratio:≤5%.

Design features:

1. Adopt the design of anti-clogging hydraulic component with large passage, greatly improve the ability of sewage to pass through the 5 times fiber material of pump caliber and the solid particles with the diameter of pump about 50% .
2. The design is reasonable, the matching motor is reasonable, the efficiency is high, the energy conservation effect is remarkable.
3. The mechanical seal is made of hard and corrosion-resistant Tungsten Carbide, which is durable and wear-resistant. It can make the pump run more than 8000 hours.
4. The pump structure is compact, the volume is small, the movement is convenient, the installment is simple, does not need to build the pump house, dives in the water can work, reduces the project cost greatly.
5. The oil-water probe is set in the pump oil room. When the mechanical seal of the pump side machine is broken, the water enters the oil room and the probe gives a signal to protect the pump.
6. Can Be equipped with automatic safety protection control cabinet according to User’s need, to monitor and control the leakage of water, leakage of electricity, overload and over-temperature of the pump, so as to ensure reliable and safe operation of the pump.
7. Ensure that the motor is not overloaded within the operating range of the head.
8. According to the use of motor can use water jacket type internal circulation cooling system, can ensure that the pump in the water (dry) state safe operation.
9. There are two ways of installation: fixed automatic coupling installation and mobile free installation, which can meet the needs of different occasions.

Sproull® QS Submersible Sewage Pump is widely used to transport the wastewater, sewage with particles and fibres in chemical pharmaceutical, mining, papermaking, cement, steel, power generation, coal processing industry and city sewage treatment plant water supply and drainage system, municipal engineering and construction sites etc., and also be used to pump water and corrosive medium.

QS Submersible Sewage Pump PA

Structure Drawing of Type Sproull® QS Pump

1 Plinth 8 Shaft 15 Bearing inner ring gland 22 Outlet pipe 29 Machine seal seat
2 Front pump cover 9 Motor 16 Upper gland 23 Power cable 30 Back wear ring
3 Casing 10 Rotor 17 Upper bearing case 24 Cable pressure plate 31 Impeller key
4 Guide vane 11 Outer tube 18 Wiring board 25 Cable sheath 32 Impeller
5 Auxiliary impeller 12 Shaft sleeve 19 Junction Box 26 Cable seal 33 Front wear ring
6 Machine seal 13 Lower gland 20 Terminal 27 Thrust bearing gland 34 Impeller baffle
7 Lower bearing case 14 Upper bearing 21 Top cover 28 Thrust bearing

Sproull® QS Preformance Curve

lllustrations of Model Type
200 Discharge caliber(mm)
QS Submersible Sewage Pump
250 Capacity(m³/h)
110 Head(m)
160 Power of fitted motor(kW)

Sproull® QS Preformance parameter list

Type Capacity
Motor power
100QS200-55-55 200 55 1450 64 55
150QS300-80-132 300 80 1450 60 132
200QS500-60-160 500 60 1450 70 160
250QS750-60-200 750 60 1450 79 200
300QS1440-35-220 1440 35 980 80 220
350QS1800-12-90 1800 12 980 80 90
400QS2000-30-250 2000 30 980 82 250
500QS4000-20-315 3000 25 740 82 315
Only part of the product model demonstration
If the actual requirements of performance parameters and performance table does not match, can be based on user requirements for design and manufacture.

Sproull® QS Installation Drawing(Demonstration)

Type Motor Installation Dimensions(mm)
L1 L2 Φ w1 Φ w2 Φ w3
power(kw) volt
200QS220-120-160 160 380 2361 450 200 825 840