Project Description


Sproull® QZJ Heavy duty Submersible Slurry Pump  is a high-lift dewatering pump and submersible slurry pump,It can decompose and resuspension settled or compacted solids, allowing them to easily transfer a high percentage of solids into water.

Working Condition:

Capacity: 130~600 m³/h
Head: 33-60 m
Speed:960~1450 r/min

Design features:

• A motor enclosure which eliminated electrical motor heating and burnout.
• A motor with reserves of power to enable direct online starting when in settled sump solids.
• Design an integral inducer to break down and re-suspend settled solids.
• Develop a mechanical sealing system which was not subjected to the pumped media pressure.
• Create a cable gland entry and motor configuration which kept the terminal enclosure separate from the motor enclosure.

Sproull® QZJ Heavy duty Submersible Slurry Pump  is widely used in mining, power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries conveying slurry containing abrasive solid particles. Such as metallurgical ore dressing plant slurry transport, thermal power plant hydraulic ash removal, coal washing plant slurry and heavy medium transport, dredging river, river dredging, etc. . In the chemical industry, it is also possible to transport some corrosive slurries containing crystals.

QZJ Heavy duty Submersible Slurry Pump PA

Structure Drawing of Type Sproull® QZJ Pump

1 Submersible motors 4 Mechanical seal seat 7 Bottom 10 Rearguard
2 Shaft sleeve 5 Pump body 8 Gland 11 Bearing gland
3 Mechanical seal 6 Impeller 9 Mixing wheel

Sproull® QZJ Preformance Curve


Sproull® QZJ Preformance parameter list

Type Maximum weight of the slurry solids concentration The largest proportion of slurry Maximum size of the solid particles Highest slurry temperature Maximum flow rate value Highest lift(kg pressure) Maximum diving attempt
80QZJ 0.65 2.7 25mm 90℃ 130 35m
80AQZJ 0.65 2.7 32mm 90℃ 220 37m
80HQZB 0.4 2.7 12mm 90℃ 100 55m
100QZJ 0.65 2.7 30mm 90℃ 350 23m
100AQZJ 0.65 2.7 35mm 90℃ 430 35m
100HQZB 0.4 2.7 20mm 90℃ 270 60m
150QZJ 0.65 2.7 40mm 90℃ 550 25m
150AQZJ 0.65 2.7 40mm 90℃ 760 38m
150HQZB 0.4 2.7 22mm 90℃ 380 60m
Only part of the product model demonstration
If the actual requirements of performance parameters and performance table does not match, can be based on user requirements for design and manufacture.

Sproull® QZJ Installation Drawing(Demonstration)

Type Motor power Clear water performance Dimensions mm
(kw) Capacity Q Head H Speed n Max particle Outlet Dia. A B C D E
( m3/h) ( m) (rpm) (mm) (mm)
150QZJ 90 380 25 960 30 150 1775 1120 490 705 630