Sproull® ZX250-500 Self-priming Pump is ready for shipping to Congo.

SICOMINES, a world-class extra-large copper-cobalt mine located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the purchaser has the following requirements for the applicable environment and working conditions of the new backwater pump. The open-air layout is 330 days a year, three shifts a day, and each shift is 8 hours. Medium properties: fresh water, room temperature, containing a small amount of suspended matter, solid content within about 100ppm, the largest particle ≤1mm, PH = 6-9.

In summary, sproull pump industry provides 3 Diesel engine self-priming pump (ZX250-500) equipment to meet its needs. In the event of a sudden power failure, it can be used for water supply in the new water pipe network of the plant.

Sproull used the latest computational fluid dynamics software to determine the optimal balance between hydraulic performance and wear life and then validated the design with extensive empirical testing in the field.

Sproull® ZX250-500 Self-priming Pump Photos:

ZX250 500 Self priming Pump01
ZX250 500 Self priming Pump04

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