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We have listened closely to the requests of pump users and the issues they face, and promptly responded when they said, “I wish we had this kind of pump.”


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Fast. Reliable. Individual.

Fast and reliable services at a high quality level ensure maximum operational reliability, minimal downtime and a long service life for your pumps.

  • The high quality standard of all services is based on decades of experience in the design and production of pumps of the widest variety of designs. This pool of experience is also the basis for our Service Centers.

The Service Centers are available around the clock.

Frequently asked questions

As soon as we received your detailed pump working requirements, sproull technical engineer team will provide a official offer with the optimal solution for you within 48 hours.

If you want to get accurate quotation, we suggest that you provide us with these information: pump flow, head, on-site working voltage, frequency, temperature, Ph value, solid particle content, site installation conditions (horizontal installation or vertical installation) and other information,
We price match to give you the best deals,our business manager will help you to make sure.
Because the chemical pump is non-standard custom, many models, the price range is also very large. Even if the same model, the material and configuration is not the same, the price difference is also very large, to the most common pump accessories, impeller, for example, stainless steel impeller price is cast iron impeller several times. Therefore, we need to make sure that the relevant information is clear, and finally give you an accurate price.
Chemical pump models and configurations are particularly numerous, except for a small number of large-volume conventional models that are in stock, the vast majority of models and configurations are not in stock and belong to customized products, we need to first according to your site flow, head, medium temperature, Ph value and installation conditions and other working conditions pump selection, and determine the pump type and configuration, before delivery to the workshop to order production.
According to the product size and the specific situation of the project, the delivery time is usually between 30-90 days, please consult our business manager.

Repair in the Service Center

Our trained professionals ensure reliable repair and optimisation products.

  • Should your pump fail, we carry out a detailed analysis of the causes and damage in our Service Centers or Local and prepare a comprehensive report on the condition of the unit. We support you by providing suggestions for optimisation and material adjustment as well as an estimate of the cost and work involved.

Our service includes a 12-month warranty, which means we are ready to help you at all times. For the purpose of smooth cooperation, we also keep a maintenance history that includes repair and optimisation notes. To guarantee long service life for your pump and avoid failures, we would be happy to draw up a suitable maintenance concept for you. We also carry out test runs on request.


Original spare parts in proven Sproull quality.

  • We promise cost-saving solutions and the highest quality! To keep your maintenance costs as low as possible and extend the service life of your system, we offer spare parts in proven Sproull pump quality or from selected certified suppliers. Our qualified personnel also guarantee tailored spare parts concepts.

We provide optimal, application-specific materials with high resistance to corrosion and wear. To ensure that your spare parts are available quickly in the event of an emergency, we offer customised supply and storage solutions.

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Including performance optimisation measures

Support during commissioning and installation of the unit by our trained service personnel

  • Our trained professionals support you during commissioning and oversee the entire installation process. Our Service Centers use state-of-the-art measurement technology to guarantee the precise adjustment of your unit. Optimal operating parameters are established in conjunction with your operating personnel.
    A test run is performed and monitored to ensure complete safety. After installation, we provide your employees with practical instructions on how to operate the equipment.

Application-based and product-oriented on-site repair to avoid lengthy downtimes

Our trained professionals guarantee preventive servicing and maintenance. You receive a customised inspection service with recommendations for optimisation. Maintenance contracts are agreed and include precisely specified service activities. To avoid lengthy downtimes, our staff also carry out performance optimisation measures on site.

Our service includes a metrological inspection, e.g. vibration, noise, flow and characteristic curve measurements. If necessary, we also adjust the equipment in line with changed system parameters and the current state-of-the-art. We provide expert advice on customised monitoring systems on request.

Individual. Competent. Reliable.

We advise our customers on their specific medium and answer all questions about materials and technical applications.

  • Our extensive range of pumps is based on three material groups: metal, plastic and ceramic. We have acquired this expertise in materials through our own research. Our material experts are at your side right from the start to help you choose the right material and make the best possible use of your pump. They answer all your questions about pumps and prepare a comprehensive analysis of your needs and requirements.

    It goes without saying that we advise our customers individually with regard to their specific application, having regard to the entire system. The material advice that is given takes account of the customer specific application, cost and product aspects. You have full access to our expert materials consulting service, in order to ensure a long service life for your pump.

Get in touch with your sales contact at Sproull Pump for an intensive materials consultation.